Why doesn’t Jimmy write many negative reviews?

Short answer:  Don’t wanna.

Longer answer:


Bad reviews are super fun to read.  I should think that everyone is aware of this review that appeared a few years ago in the New York Times.  It got mainstream news coverage because it demolished Guy Fieri’s new restaurant and I certainly understand where the reviewer is coming from.  There are many places in Vegas that have a similar business plan: Easy, cheap to make food that is universally loved and easy to execute to go along with a well known face on the billboard.  Vegas casinos also have a massive marketing budget to throw towards their new restaurants that make sure that entire magazines are dedicated to giving their restaurants good reviews.

Additionally, there are also a massive number of restaurants in Las Vegas.  Some sites go ahead and review every place they visit, but I am more meticulous in how I go about choosing a place to do a full review on.  I’m a regular at many of the places I’ve written about.  They recognize me (I’m very recognizable) and I try to be a good customer.  One of the ways I do that is I enjoy writing about them and telling other people that their food is great. But imagine if I were to write about every bad place I tried.  There are far more bad or average restaurants in town than there are exceptional ones, and people who actually care about food only really want to envision themselves eating at the best places.  

Bad reviews attract readers because of the drama inherent in the reaction to them, not because people are actually interested in hearing about how bad the food is.  Because of that, I only want to write about the places that I think deserve business and places I actually want to go back to.  There are tons of restaurants that fulfill similar roles to the ones I’ve reviewed but for one reason or another I think the place I reviewed is better so I don’t need to recommend another one over it.  When people ask me where to go for some kind of cuisine, they tend to ask “Hey, what’s the best (cuisine type) place in town?”  My reviews are my answers for those questions.

You also have to keep in mind there are a ton of local places that are struggling to make it work.  Families and people work really hard to make their places great and if I were to jump on and talk about how terrible they are it would be almost like bringing up the kids who aren’t graduating to speak instead of the valedictorian.  It’s not fair and it’s not kind.  If someone specifically asks me how a place is after I’ve been there, I’ll tell them.  But I won’t go out of my way to be mean to someone who is legitimately trying to make good food.

Trust the fat man.