ROLLIN’ SMOKE BBQ: Rollin’ me out of the door.

Once upon a time about three years ago, there was basically not a single good BBQ restaurant in town.  People from the south would constantly come visit and want to get some ribs or some good brisket and be greeted with oven cooked ribs and dry, overcooked beef.  Enter two brothers from Arkansas who saw there was a huge vacuum for BBQ and they found a small shack on strip club row to make their fortune.

And we all benefit as a result!  Welcome to Rollin Smoke, the best place for BBQ in town.

Pronounced “Burbkuh”

When you walk in, the first thing you see is an entire wall painted with their menu.  They have quite the selection but most of their menu is a bunch of combinations you can pick that bring the price down slightly.  I wish they would just have a list of meat and a list of sides and let you pick what you want, but whatever.  I’ve had most of the standard BBQ meats they have for sale so I opted for the special pulled pork sandwich.  In my humble opinion, the fried onion strings they have are the best side in the house and go extremely well with the soft moist meat.  I really enjoyed the sandwich, since instead of just being pulled pork on a bun it actually came with toppings like a really zesty coleslaw and their excellent housemade vinegar based sauce.  Just a personal preference but I don’t understand why people like rich sweet sauces on BBQ when the meat already is very heavy.  I like light vinegar based sauces to help cut through some of that richness.

I have no words.

I was here for our biweekly food meetup and most other people opted for either the 2 or 3 meat platter where you get to pick from a variety of different choices.  Ribs, pulled pork and brisket are usually the most popular choices but their hot links are also really delicious.

Three times the meat, three times the happy.

This is a simple restaurant so there isn’t a whole lot of menu advice I can give you.  If you like BBQ, you’ll like this place.  3 meat choices, a side and a drink will run you less than $20 with all said and done.  Not a bad budget spot for lunch or dinner.

(psst: For BBQ aficionados, make sure you ask em for burnt ends.  They’ll gladly make your meat choices extra awesome if they still have them available)

(double psst: if you don’t know what burnt ends are, google it)

Address: 3185 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 836-3621

Hours: Open Monday – Saturday to 8pm and later on weekends.

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