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BURGER BAR: Better late than burger.

Jimmy checks out Burger Bar at Mandalay Place, a restaurant that’s been around for forever, but has it maintained the initial hype!?

Jimmy Fricke (@jvfricke on twitter, @jimmyeatsvegas on instagram)
Matt Suelflow

Thomas Keeling (SrslySirius)

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BACHI BURGER: “Aurora Borealis!?”

Up to this point, I’ve received more requests for the best burger in town more than anything else.  With good reason!  Burgers have huge variance and a ton of different things to do.  But when I am thinking about a good burger, I don’t think about toppings.  Having tasty toppings isn’t showing off how technically good your burger making skill is.  When I go to a new burger place, I try to get the most boring burger they offer because a boring burger is going to show off the meat quality, how well the bun is structured and the quality of the basic toppings.  That said, Bachi Burger blows most places out of the water just on these three factors.

(An E.E. Cummings restaurant)

Another point in their favor:  A concise menu.  A construct-your-own burger option, a bunch of Asian inspired burgers borrowed heavily from Japanese and Korean culture, and one or two that will please a more picky American carnivore.  They also have some great appetizers and sides that are great twists on American staples.  Including some Korean chili buffalo wings and truffle parmesan fries.

No words necessary.

If I’m being honest, the chicken is fine but nothing crazy.  This is probably the most boring of the appetizers they have but the quality is certainly fine.  They’re nice and crispy, moist with a really tasty dipping sauce.  The pickles are more interesting and something you can’t get at a lot of burger places.


The truffle fries, however, are something I can’t imagine not ordering every time I show up here.  It is true that white truffle oil in general is complete BS but they use real mushrooms and sundried tomatoes to create the two sauces that turn these fries into something absolutely delicious.  Sundried tomatoes are the best kind of tomato, truly.

For our burger selection, we ordered a “Black and Green” which is more traditional American style served with blue cheese and garlic and “Kiki’s Burger” which has a bunch of Asian mushrooms and a chili mayo.  The spice level isn’t something that ruins the enjoyment of the burger for anyone who’s wondering, and going simple is absolutely not a problem because WOW the burgers are made so fundamentally sound.  The patty is the perfect size, not too thick or thin.  A nice char and well seasoned.  I’ve never had anyone complain about how their burger is cooked (a decent boast considering they’ll cook it anywhere from rare to well done at your request) and to top it off, the bun is probably the best bun I’ve had in a burger restaurant.  A really soft and buttery brioche, and somehow it prevents the absolute worst thing about big gourmet burgers: All the toppings falling out the back when you take a bite.  I’ve never had this happen at any Bachi location and that’s quite the feat considering how negatively it impacts your enjoyment of the burger.  Indeed, all the toppings stay where they are while you’re eating.  This must be Japanese sorcery.

They must have an antigravity machine hidden under the table.

Generally places like these have a few throwaway desserts but I actually saw they had a cheap option for Portuguese donuts that looked too good to pass up.  And I’m glad we sprung for them!  At $5, this is definitely one of the best desserts I could possibly expect.  3 huge donuts and a nice scoop of homemade ice cream with a raspberry sauce.  It was a very nice looking plate and honestly one I wouldn’t expect to find at a burger place.

It looks like the bucket and the ice cream are having a staredown.

Overall, 3 people shared an app, a side and a dessert and each got a burger and a drink for only $80.  Certainly not a place that will break the bank and you can easily get out of here for under $25 with tip if you just come for lunch.  There may be some people who prefer a strip burger better but all told I think you could match Bachi up against any of them and be very satisfied.  And with a location now in all 3 major residential areas in town, it’s easier than ever to get your fix.

Various locations.  Check them out at http://bachiburger.com/